Training a Submissive Husband - Tied and Tortured

In my last post I talked about training a submissive husband and that put me in mind of this video - so I've made this my video of the day for today. In the video a submissive husband is gagged, tied and tortured with an electric toothbrush by his dominant wife. You may not think that an electric toothbrush is much of a torture, but try it on your nipples and see how long you can last! And it's not just the guy's nipples that get the toothbrush treatment - the sensitive areas around the tip of his cock are also given some attention and at times the guy is almost jumping off the table in agony. It's a good job he is strapped down!

Training a Submissive Husband

Husband Training Video - Click Here

One of the things that make this video so good is the way the wife mixes pain with pleasure in training her husband. The pain is obviously delivered with the toothbrush but then she pleasures him with soft caresses around his cock and balls, making his dick get hard and stand to attention. At this point she usually brings him back down to earth with a sudden blast of toothbrush on his glans or sometimes against his frenum - much to the husband's distress and the wife's amusement!

You can watch the video of this cruel wife training her submissive husband by following this link...

Submissive Husband Torture - Watch Here