Submissive Husbands Forced to Lick Ass

This is the first in a series of videos of submissive husbands forced to lick ass as a punishment. In the videos the husbands are made to clean the asses of their dominant wives with their tongues. It is fair to say that the wives get more out of this than just punishing their husbands. In fact, several of the wives have pretty intense orgasms through having their asses licked out!

In the video a submissive husband is forced to lick his wife's ass as punishment for spilling soda on the kitchen floor. First she makes him lick up the soda with his tongue from the floor. Whilst he is crawling on all-fours and licking the floor his sexy wife places her foot on his head and pushes it into the ground as she laughs at him. She then says she has something better for him to lick.

Turning round, the wife hitches up her skirt and pulls down her panties. She bends over and orders the husband to "Clean it, bitch!"

Submissive Husbands

Cleaning Wife's Asshole - Watch Here

The husband rises to his knees from the ground and shuffles towards his wife's naked ass. She reaches round and parts her cheeks so he has access to her little brown ring and he sticks out his tongues and begins to lick. He is very obedient and very meticulous about cleaning every little nook and cranny of his wife's asshole. He tongues the full length of her ass crack and makes sure no area is left un-cleaned.

The wife is highly appreciative of her husband's expert tonguing technique and she is soon rubbing her own pussy as he licks her out. As he digs his tongue deeper into her asshole the wife's breathing gets heavier and she is soon moaning and making tiny little ecstatic yelps as he fucks her ass deeper with his tongue. After a couple more minutes she suddenly lets out a loud scream and her whole body shudders as a massive orgasm smashes through her body and leaves panting and exhausted. His punishment complete, the husband gives a wry smile and goes back to cleaning the floor!

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