Dominant Wife Porn - Strapon Punishment

Today's dominant wife porn video features a husband receiving a severe strapon punishment from both his wife and her best friend. When this husband came home late and smelling of beer from his football training there was no way his dominant wife was going to put up with it. She ordered the husband to go to the bedroom, strip naked and wait for her. When he went upstairs to do as he was told the wife called her friend and asked her to come over as she had an important job for her to do.

Dominant Wife Porn

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When the wife's friend arrived she was led to the bedroom and was surprised to see her friend's husband naked on the bed. The wife explained that he had been disobedient and needed to be punished. She then pulled two large strapons out of the drawer and handed one to her friend. It was pretty obvious what she had in mind and the friend didn't need asking twice. She strapped on the plastic dick and prepared to fuck the ass of her best friend's husband.

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Training a Submissive Husband - Tied and Tortured

In my last post I talked about training a submissive husband and that put me in mind of this video - so I've made this my video of the day for today. In the video a submissive husband is gagged, tied and tortured with an electric toothbrush by his dominant wife. You may not think that an electric toothbrush is much of a torture, but try it on your nipples and see how long you can last! And it's not just the guy's nipples that get the toothbrush treatment - the sensitive areas around the tip of his cock are also given some attention and at times the guy is almost jumping off the table in agony. It's a good job he is strapped down!

Training a Submissive Husband

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One of the things that make this video so good is the way the wife mixes pain with pleasure in training her husband. The pain is obviously delivered with the toothbrush but then she pleasures him with soft caresses around his cock and balls, making his dick get hard and stand to attention. At this point she usually brings him back down to earth with a sudden blast of toothbrush on his glans or sometimes against his frenum - much to the husband's distress and the wife's amusement!

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Submissive Husband Ideas - Forced Ass Cleaning

For any wives out there who are looking for submissive husband ideas you should check out today's video. The video features forced ass cleaning and it shows a very sexy young wife getting her ass cleaned by her submissive husband. It is not so much the act of ass cleaning that will be new to you (or if it is then you should try it!) but it is the way she treats her husband like a slave and totally humiliates him that is so amazing.

Submissive Husband Ideas

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It is hard to put into words, and I don't want to spoil the video for you, but there is just something in the language she uses and her tone of voice that is so compelling. She is completely and utterly derisive of her wimp of a hubby and that's what makes her so extremely sexy. If you only download one video today then I recommend it is this one. For lovers of husband humiliation videos it is guaranteed to be one you will want to keep for a long time and it will be giving you new ideas for a long time too!

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Dominant Wife Video - Wife Humiliates Husband

In this dominant wife video a wife humiliates her husband by making him do naked push-ups on their living room floor. The guy has no choice but to strip off and he begins to do the push-ups, only to find his wife pushing on his shoulders and using her weight to make him work harder. When he struggles to push up against her hand she ridicules him and calls him a wimp and a sissy and threatens to kick his ass if he doesn't man up and stand up for himself.

Dominant Wife Video

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In this video the woman remains clothed while the man is forced to do his exercises naked in front of her. The punishment does not start out as sexual except for the guy being made to undress. But by the end of his punishment the husband is visibly aroused and his wife takes hold of his balls and squeezes them, laughing as he flinches. She then takes hold of his dick and violently jerks him off until he sprays his cum onto the floor.

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Submissive Husbands Forced to Lick Ass

This is the first in a series of videos of submissive husbands forced to lick ass as a punishment. In the videos the husbands are made to clean the asses of their dominant wives with their tongues. It is fair to say that the wives get more out of this than just punishing their husbands. In fact, several of the wives have pretty intense orgasms through having their asses licked out!

In the video a submissive husband is forced to lick his wife's ass as punishment for spilling soda on the kitchen floor. First she makes him lick up the soda with his tongue from the floor. Whilst he is crawling on all-fours and licking the floor his sexy wife places her foot on his head and pushes it into the ground as she laughs at him. She then says she has something better for him to lick.

Turning round, the wife hitches up her skirt and pulls down her panties. She bends over and orders the husband to "Clean it, bitch!"

Submissive Husbands

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The husband rises to his knees from the ground and shuffles towards his wife's naked ass. She reaches round and parts her cheeks so he has access to her little brown ring and he sticks out his tongues and begins to lick. He is very obedient and very meticulous about cleaning every little nook and cranny of his wife's asshole. He tongues the full length of her ass crack and makes sure no area is left un-cleaned.

The wife is highly appreciative of her husband's expert tonguing technique and she is soon rubbing her own pussy as he licks her out. As he digs his tongue deeper into her asshole the wife's breathing gets heavier and she is soon moaning and making tiny little ecstatic yelps as he fucks her ass deeper with his tongue. After a couple more minutes she suddenly lets out a loud scream and her whole body shudders as a massive orgasm smashes through her body and leaves panting and exhausted. His punishment complete, the husband gives a wry smile and goes back to cleaning the floor!

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