Dominant Wife Video - Wife Humiliates Husband

In this dominant wife video a wife humiliates her husband by making him do naked push-ups on their living room floor. The guy has no choice but to strip off and he begins to do the push-ups, only to find his wife pushing on his shoulders and using her weight to make him work harder. When he struggles to push up against her hand she ridicules him and calls him a wimp and a sissy and threatens to kick his ass if he doesn't man up and stand up for himself.

Dominant Wife Video

Dominant Wife Video - Watch Here

In this video the woman remains clothed while the man is forced to do his exercises naked in front of her. The punishment does not start out as sexual except for the guy being made to undress. But by the end of his punishment the husband is visibly aroused and his wife takes hold of his balls and squeezes them, laughing as he flinches. She then takes hold of his dick and violently jerks him off until he sprays his cum onto the floor.

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