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Dominant Wives Pegging Husbands

I love collecting videos of dominant wives pegging husbands and this one is just the sort of thing that will get me going every time. The video starts with two hot wives chatting and drinking coffee. One of the wives calls to her husband and says she has a task for him. She tells him to lie down so that the women can use him as a footrest. The husband is shocked to receive such an order in front of a stranger and he tries to laugh it off - making out that it must be a joke - but his wife is deadly serious!

Dominant Wives

Wives Pegging Husband - Watch Video

Realising the serious tone of his dominant wife's voice the husband decides he had better do as he is told. He lies on the floor and the two women place their feet on his chest and carry on their chat. It appears that they have been comparing notes about their submissive husbands and have decided that their men will benefit from a dose of double discipline. They finish their coffee and the husband remains prone on the floor whilst his dominant wife goes to fetch a couple of big strapons.

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Submissive Husband Eats Cum from Wife’s Asshole

In this video a submissive husband eats cum from his wife's asshole when she orders him to clean her ass with his tongue. The video starts with the wife forcing her husband to lie on the floor where she stands on his chest and face before straddling his head and sitting on his face with her full weight until he is gasping for breath. As the wife sits on her submissive husband's face she takes his cock in her hand and begins to stroke it until it is fully hard before changing position so she is riding his cock.

Submissive Husband Eats Cum

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After a while the couple change positions again - the wife bending over and ordering her husband to fuck her hard from behind. The submissive husband does as he is told and rams his cock deep into her cunt - thrusting hard and fast into her wet gash. When the guy's wife senses he is ready to blow a load she orders him to pull out and shoot it over her asshole. Just hearing  these words was enough  to set the husband off and he pulled out just in time to see a thick wad of jizz explode from his cock and land on his wife's puckered brown asshole.

As the wife felt the warm cum land on her asshole she knew it was time to complete her submissive husband's final humiliation. She pulled apart her ass cheeks and ordered him to clean up his mess with his tongue. The obedient hubby got on his knees and delved into the crack of her ass with his tongue - licking his own creamy cum from her tight little asshole.

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Dominant Wife Humiliates Submissive Hubby

Dominant Wife

Submissive Hubby Ass Fucked

This is another video where a dominant wife humiliates her submissive hubby and gets a friend to join in the fun. This guy is forced to strip by the two women and bend over while they take turns spanking his naked ass. The women then put on strapons and force the guy to lick and suck them like they were real cocks. They laugh at his cocksucking technique and make him gag as they try to get him to deep throat one of the plastic dicks. Eventually the women decide he is ready for his final humiliation and his dominant wife bends him over and gives his ass a good hard fucking with her strapon.

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Dominant Wife Humiliates Hubby

Husband Submissive Sex Slave Nipple Torture Video

Husband Submissive Sex Slave

Husband Torture Video - Watch Here

My collection of wife and husband submissive sex slave videos continues to grow and this latest addition is one of the best I've found so far. The video features a submissive husband getting some intense nipple torture from his dominant wife - and she even gets her girlfriend to join in! I've often fantasised about having my wife invite one of her friends to join in one of our sessions. We've even talked about it - but so far it hasn't happened. At least I now have this hot video to help fuel the fantasy!

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